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All you want know about Cantikcosmetic

by uucosmetics 03 Jul 2021

Guangzhou Cantik Cosmetic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for hair care products in Guangzhou, China. We own a factory and can produce all kinds of hair care products, such as hair styling wax,hair dye, shampoo,hair conditioner, hair perm,hair gel, hair beauty and others. We accept OEM,ODM.

Our factory established in 2002, we have over 16 years experience on hair products and cosmetics. Since our Company was established, we have obtained a number of licenses authorized by the Ministry of Health for hair dye, hair perm, hair shampoo and hair beauty products. We have combined the ISO and GMPC which are the advanced management systems. We have the most advanced international level production testing equipment and technological processes for production.

For inquiries,please contact us at

Whatsapp: +86 18802040879 Website:

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