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Is Kids Detangler Spray good for children

by uucosmetics 27 May 2022

Long hair requires care, especially if it is abundant and / or thin, since it tangles easily. This is the case of several children, and every time it is time to bathe they have a little battle when combing their hair ... That suffering for parents and children has already ended since Cantik developed the Kids Detangler Spray (yes, it can also be used by adults, it is very practical). We know that this is a recurring problem, and mainly for the regions where the beach and pool season begins, so here we will review the benefits of our product Kids Detangler Spray

As your child grows, his hair's needs change. The line enhances the natural shine of the hair, leaving it soft and looser for an even shinier, smoother and silkier hair, it also makes the moment of combing your hair a pleasant part of your personal grooming, avoiding the pulls and knots that are Painful to detangle, it is so simple to use as a complement to the hairstyle that making it part of your days will be the easiest thing you can do, combine it with other products from the children's hair care line to obtain better results from the first application!

Detangling Spray is a leave-in conditioning detangler that provides intense nutrition and hydration, giving hair a beautiful, healthy shine. Whether you're looking to soften your curls or just hydrate your locks, you'll need a product that can nourish you in no time. Our Detangler Spray is the perfect detangler for those who are also looking to keep their hair healthy and hydrated.

Applied on clean and damp hair, it is soft and easy to comb, avoiding frizz. Its formulation provides hydration and is respectful with the hair and scalp Dermatologically tested.

How is it used?

It is applied to clean and damp hair, keeping the spray at about 15 cm. Do not rinse after use, then the hair is combed and dried in the usual way. Remember that all our products are made with natural ingredients and are free of sulfates and animal cruelty, Cantik is committed to the health of the environment and the inhabitants of the world that is why our products do not have chemical additives that harm the world.
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