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Organic Beard Set Grooming Kit New Beard Growth Oil

by uucosmetics 26 May 2022

Throughout the history of humanity the beard has been a symbol of strong masculinity and elegance before other men, now today it continues to be a symbol of respect, power, wisdom and social status.

In this century, male aesthetics have become more important, now more men are in the mirror for more time wanting to look good, have healthy skin and why not? A perfect and abundant beard.

The growth of a thick beard is a matter of genetics, perhaps a matter of luck, diet and lifestyle also influence a lot, but what can we do if genetics have not favored us with an imposing beard?

Today science has come to reveal that there are certain natural compounds that when combined benefit men to develop the facial hair they so desire.

These compounds stimulate the hair follicles that are present on our face, compounds that contribute to the development of more follicles that are the allies that will give us a healthy and abundant beard.

But the growth of the beard cannot be possible without proper skin care, a properly hydrated and cared for skin becomes a conducive ground for the growth of facial hair.

A well-groomed and hydrated skin is more likely to develop stronger and healthier facial hair.

Some of these natural compounds are jojoba oil, vitamin E, and biotin.

Jojoba oil has antioxidant properties and is a good ally for skin care, stimulates the growth of facial hair, its constant use ensures that the growth of strong and healthy facial hair.

A small study from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in Malaysia, found that vitamin E improves hair growth in people with loss and underdevelopment, because it has antioxidants that reduce the impact of free radicals on the scalp and areas in which facial hair must develop. It also stimulates blood flow which is important for the development of facial hair and hair.

Biotin is known as the "skin, hair vitamin" and is also called vitamin H and vitamin B8. This substance performs the functions of a coenzyme, stimulating the action of some essential enzymes in the processes of cell duplication. In other words, in simpler words, it favors the growth of rapidly reproducing tissues, such as the skin and hair (facial hair).

Beard growth is a process and as any process requires discipline and perseverance, the result we want to obtain is a thick and healthy beard.

Cantik is the best ally of people who want to develop a thick and healthy beard and also, without neglecting men who already have a beard but want to look more elegant and perfect, that is why we have developed our product: Organic Beard Set Grooming Kit New Beard Growth Oil

It is a product made with natural ingredients developed in order to provide the benefits of natural oils and vitamins that are required for the growth of facial hair.

We have blended the benefits of jojoba oil, vitamin E, biotin, and other natural oils to provide proper skin care and thus stimulate the growth of new facial hair in men who use the product consistently.

Our product must be used 2 times a day to ensure results (once in the morning and once at night) in this way the hair follicles located on the skin of the face begin to be stimulated to generate new facial hairs and at the same time New follicles are generated that contribute to the aesthetics of the beard.

It stimulates the growth of a new beard and provides protection to the existing beard by hydrating it and giving it a healthier appearance.

It helps the skin in these areas by eliminating painful irritations caused by dryness.

We have also reported favorable results from users who have used this product on the scalp and have obtained good benefits from our oil.

We are committed to the quality of our products and to the effectiveness of our care lines, that is why Cantik users trust us when it comes to taking care of their appearance and health.

We guarantee the quality of our beard care line we have developed our beard growth and nutrition oil with the greatest possible care using natural products that benefit our customers and give them favorable results.

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