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Personal Caremen's Guide

by uucosmetics 26 May 2022

We could say that now the personal care of a man has be come an essential ritual of everyday, something that happened to be some thing unusual is now a very popular topic and there are more and more people who are dedicated to dealing with this matter. Grooming care and personal health is very important for men, women and children.The care may vary depending on the group of people we are referring to, in this blog we are going to talk about male facial care.

If you are a person who has decided to grow a beard, there are certain cares that you must take from now on to be able to show off a healthy and elegant appearance.

To begin, you must bear in mind that it is important to continue taking care of the skin under the beard, the skin of that area of ​​the face, in other words "it is the area that you must continue to take care of to produce a strong and defined beard"

So how should you start taking care of your skin and your beard?

You must first maintain a constant grooming routine, at least twice a day, this may vary depending on the type of activity you do, but the least you can do is wash your face twice a day, up on waking and before sleeping.

Take note that soap and water alone are not enough, now there are products aimed at the proper cleaning of the skin, made up of ingredients that are friendly to each skin type, helping to eliminate impurities, combat and prevent dryness and accumulation of bacteria, that's why Cantik and his skin and beard care line have developed products that can help you show off a sleek beard and healthy skin.

A suitable routine recommended by Cantik could be composed of:

  • Proper washing of the face and neck
  • hydration of the skin and beard
  • Maintain cleanliness constantly

To wash the face and neck it is advisable to use warm water, which can help remove impurities from the skin, but as we have already mentioned before, it is not enough with water and soap, it is necessary to take into account that the skin must be correctly treated, the facial skin must be cared for in a different way than the skin of the rest of the body, The Men Natural Beard Wash Shampoo Refreshing Moisturizing Smoothing is developed to care for the skin of the face and beard, contributing to aesthetics from the first application, You will be able to feel the freshness and the powerful effect of the Acai seed that gives a sensation of softness and freshness obtained from the first use.

But is using a beard shampoo enough?

Of course not,  there are aninfinity of facial and hair care products, that is why we have developed the perfect complement for cleaning the face and beard; Beard Conditioner Repair Activate Beard Follicles Nourishing Scalp Deep Conditioning Beard Care Products, developed to provide a healthy, elegant appearance with a sensation of total freshness

Are you looking for your beard to be properly moisturized? That the skin of your face can be protected again stirritation and dryness? Make it easier to clean as the days go by?

The right product is Beard Conditioner Repair Activate Beard Follicles Nourishing Scalp Deep Conditioning Beard Care Products.

With these two products you can start organizing your day when you carry out a daily grooming routine.

Then you would have to:

- Wash your face with warm water and a neutral soap

- Use theMen Natural Beard Wash Shampoo Refreshing Moisturizing Smoothing to be able to wash the face and beard

ComplementthefacewashwithBeardConditionerRepairActivateBeardFolliclesNourishingScalpDeepConditioningBeardCareProductstoprotectyour skin and at the same time increase the production of new beard and nourish the one you already have

- Repeat this process 2 times a day for best results

Do you need more hydration in your beard and at the same time you want to obtain more facial hair with non-corrosive products for the PH of your skin?

Cantik has the solution!

The Organic Beard Set Grooming Kit New Beard Growth Oil takes advantage of the benefits of Biotin which is a vitamin that contributes and accelerates hair growth, skin repair and the production and strengthening of the beard.

It is a product that only needs to be applied twice a day in small amounts, perfect for hydrating the beard and facial skin and enhancing the growth of new facial hair.

The health and appearance of our customers is the most important thing, we have 19 years of experience in the beauty and health industry, we are committed to the quality of our products and their effectiveness, that is why we have developed the Beard Conditioner Repair Activate Beard Follicles Nourishing Scalp Deep Conditioning Beard Care based on studies we have carried out in our medical research laboratories regulated by international quality standards to achieve the perfect product for the care and beauty of the skin and beard.

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