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The Importance of Caring for Your Scalp

by uucosmetics 18 Jul 2021

Your scalp is more sensitive than you think, and it requires just as much attention as the rest of your body. 

Let’s be honest: When we talk about skin care our face gets all the attention. It’s front and center, after all! But even when we actually do start thinking about ways to tend to the skin on our bodies,scalp care tends to get the ol’ shaft. 
Caring for our scalp is super important, and it can even make a difference in the overall health and quality of your hair. Without proper attention and scalp care, it can become unbalanced. This results in excess oil, dyness , flakes, bumps, and other dermatological issues. A healthy scalp feels good, looks good, and helps promote shiny ,healthy hair. Who doesn’t want a shiny mane?
Let’s talk about the signs of an unhealthy scalp, common culprits, and how to remedy any scalp issues you’re dealing with.

Causes of an Unbalanced Scalp 

There are several key causes of an unbalanced scalp, so let’s outline each one!
Poor Hygiene
While everyone has their own “best pace” when it comes to shampooing their hair, not washing frequently enough can lead to scalp issues. It’s important to find a frequency that creates a balanced scalp- this might look different for everyone.
 In addition, you should wash your hair anytime you’ve been sweating a lot or have been in a body of water (including the pool). 
Excessive Washing 
Not washing enough can lead to issues, but so can washing too much. Just like your facial skin, your scalp can become dried out from excessive shampooing. This presents differently for everyone, but can often create a tight, dry, or itchy sensation accompanied by flaking. It can also lead to too much oil production as your scalp overcompensates for lack of moisture.
Product-Related Buildup or Irritation
Haircare products can sometimes leave behind a film on our strands and our scalps, which can lead to an imbalance. We recommend using a chelating or anti-residue shampoo once every week or two to help clear out any build-up. 


How to Promote a Healthy Scalp 

The best way to maintain a healthy and happy scalp is to find the best shampooing pace for your scalp’s needs and be mindful of product buildup and irritation. And of course, speak with a doctor when it’s an issue that’s difficult to treat with simple at-home care. 
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