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What is Hair Clay Wax?

by uucosmetics 26 May 2022
Men’s Clay Wax Hair Brushed Texture There is nothing more attractive than wearing an impeccable and unique hairstyle that identifies us! Today hair speaks of yourself as much as your clothes and expresses your personality in every aspect. But we must admit it in the market we find a thousand things for women's hair, and for men, the options are more limited. Without a doubt, within male care and aesthetics, hair plays a highly relevant role. However, it is sometimes difficult to find information on how to care for your hair if you are a man. Personal care has long since ceased to be something exclusive to women, today, men also worry about it in a very important way. Although it is a controversial issue since some men see this as not very masculine, the truth is that there is basic care that we all carry out and not only for aesthetics but also for health. In the end, men need to feel good about themselves.

Hair Wax

To begin with, it is worth mentioning that the main function of wax is to mold the hair without hardening it, and leaving it completely soft and shiny. So if you have unruly, dull hair, the wax may be a good product for you.

As a substitute for hair fixing gel, wax offers more advantages when it comes to personal grooming, we can say that wax is more friendly to the hair since it helps to have an excellent hairstyle without the need to harden the hair and leaving no residue as the day goes on What we all need is a quality product, with an attractive fragrance, easy to handle and that keeps our hair flawless throughout the day that makes us look fresh and comfortable. We want to present you with an option for those days full of movement where your hair should look and feel good. Cantik Cosmetics has developed the Men’s Clay Wax Hair Brushed Texture taking advantage of the benefits of Argan oil and Beeswax that provide many nutrients to the hair from the first application.

Argan oil

Argan oil, also known as desert gold, is a cosmetic and edible product that is obtained after a drying process of the fruits of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) exposed to the sun. Once dry, the seed is extracted from the almond manually and it is cold-pressed. This constitutes a mechanical process absent of chemicals. Because the extraction is cold, without roasting the seeds, this oil is lightly golden and its smell is hardly noticeable Argan oil has vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are highly beneficial for hair. They prevent premature aging of the scalp and repair hair damage in just a few applications. Argan oil repairs dry and split ends as it is super rich in nutrients and highly hydrating, thanks to the vitamins A, C, and E it contains. Vitamin E, in particular, makes hair look healthy, shiny, and moving.

Benefits of Argan oil for hair

Very hydrated hair, because it reduces dryness and gives it a lot of shine. For curly hair: if you have hair that is difficult to style and very frizzy, it is advisable to use products that contain this oil, when combing your hair you will see how it will be easier to tame it

Bee wax

The wax is not a plant production, but an animal secretion that bees voluntarily secrete whenever they need it through the ceriferous glands of young workers, it contains moderate amounts of propolis and pollen. The raw material of this wax is of a high antioxidant and moisturizing content, already used by the ancient Egyptians. The soft aroma of pollen, flowers, and nuts, the very essence of where this wax is born.

Benefits of beeswax for hair

It has nutritional properties. Nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Products with wax soften the skin, for this reason, it is used in cosmetic products Helps give hair shine. For this reason, it is used in hairstyling waxes. If something especially beeswax allows us, it is natural hair care, as well as total hydration of our hair, so that we eliminate frizz and we can enjoy a luminosity that is sometimes lost due to pollution. Provides shine as it will serve as a natural mask, it is also used in hydration and hair reconstruction treatments. And of course, it is present in our hair care products How to use the Men’s Clay Wax Hair Brushed Texture?

Remember that when using wax your hair must be short or medium, follow these steps and have a perfect look: 1 Take a small amount with two fingers. 2 Rub the wax between the palms of your hands to activate it with heat. 3 Apply the wax to your hair, spreading it evenly with your fingers. 4 Use your fingers, brush, or comb to create the style you want. 5 You can help with an iron or dryer to give more volume and definition to your hairstyles.

What is the difference with the fixative gel?

This is a very big question that exists when choosing which the ideal product is for us. It all depends on the style you are looking for and how you like your hair to be. If what you are looking for is a wet and shiny effect, for a little more formal situations or events, we recommend our Natural Look Holding Hair Gel without Alcohol. If, on the other hand, you want to look more natural and make your hair look dry, the ideal for you are the Molding Waxes. The health and appearance of our customers is the most important thing, we have 19 years of experience in the beauty and health industry, we are committed to the quality of our products and their effectiveness, that is why we have developed the Men’s Clay Wax Hair Brushed Texture based on studies we have carried out in our medical research laboratories regulated by international quality standards to achieve the perfect product for the care and beauty of the men’s hair
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