Combining pieces of commodities for shipping, we provide professional packaging support. Compared with separated mailing, it is more affordable, you can save a lot of international delivery fees.

1.An example for choosing EMS to Singapore

The first unit is 500g/15 Dollars, each continued unit is 500g/Dollars, one parcel custom clearance fee 8 Dollars. If you have 3 items and the weight are 700g, 1100g and 1600g respectively.

If you choose the standard delivery option, you need to pay 99 Dollars for shipping.

(15+5+8) + (15+5*2+8) + (15+5*3+8) =99 Dollars

If you choose to consolidate the products into one parcel, you only need to pay 53 Dollars for shipping

The total weight of the package is: 700g+1100g+1600g=3400g

Shipping fee: 15+5*6+8=53 Dollars

Direct savings of 46 Dollars

99-53=46 Dollars