Receipt Information

Notes on receipt of goods

1. Before signing for receipt, check whether the outer packaging of the goods is in good condition, whether the sealing of the box is in good condition, and whether there is a significant difference in weight
2. Regardless of whether the outer packaging is obviously damaged or torn, the goods must be inspected in front of the courier before signing, and a note should be made on the waybill before signing or refusing to sign if there is a problem.
3. If the package that has not been signed in front of the courier is damaged or missing, please keep the outer packing box (including the sealing tape) and report it to the local post office within 2 days after receipt (subject to the delivery time on the logistics provider’s website). And provide the goods invoice, physical photos and other information to contact us to apply for compensation to the post office for you Note: If your package is a postal package such as EMS, SAL, etc., in addition to the above information (goods invoice, physical photos, etc.), you also need to provide The damage report or case num issued by the post office is sent to us, so that it can be fed back to the logistics provider to verify the compensation.
4. The normal receipt of the goods marks the end of the whole process of transshipment. Our company will not be responsible for any situation of the goods after the normal receipt.
5. After the package is signed, if you have any questions, please report it to the customer service within 72 hours of receipt. Overdue will no longer be accepted.

1. Fragile and fragile products, whether you choose to strengthen the packaging      or not, will only participate in the loss claim, not the damage claim.
2. Dangerous goods and contraband are not included in the claim (for example:      compressed gas, liquefied gas, flammable liquid, acid-base corrosive                  products and other national prohibited goods)
3. The loss or expense caused by the natural wear and tear of the goods,                essential defects, characteristics, and the rise and fall of the market price,            etc., shall not be involved in the claim.
4. All or part of the loss caused by natural disasters such as severe weather,           lightning, tsunami, earthquake, flood and other natural disasters during the           transportation of the goods
5. Due to force majeure factors such as weather and customs clearance, the          goods will not be compensated for the expiration of the warranty period, the        warranty period, and the delivery period, etc.
6. Due to customs reasons, you are required to cooperate and assist in related        operations (including but not limited to payment of customs duties), but you          refuse to cooperate so that the package cannot be delivered according to the      time limit promised by the forwarding service provider, and the loss,                      responsibility and consequences are borne by you. , the transshipment                logistics provider does not assume any responsibility.