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Free Styling Hold Hair Foam Mousse for Braids

by uucosmetics 27 May 2022

Hair is one of the "accessories" that every human being genuinely possesses, for the most part, and it comes in a wide variety of modalities: curly, straight and even wavy at various levels. In turn, it can be thick or thin, dry or oily, depending on a multiplicity of factors that influence its appearance. These range from genetics to the climate in which it is found, as well as the daily care it receives, the way it is styled and the products that are applied to it. Braids, symbols of feminine identity and resistance A braid is a fabric that results from intertwining three strands of hair alternately crossing them together and tightening them, its history is linked to the life of humanity since, regardless of ethnicity, social and cultural condition, they have been worn by men and women for their functionality. by keeping hair organized. Today braids are part of the lifestyle of many women and men and as physical appearance is an important detail when looking fresh, but, when we have worn braids, the inevitable situation of hair has happened to all of us. rebels that come out of braiding and do not fit all the perfection we want to achieve that is why Cantik has developed the Free Styling Hold Hair Foam Mousse for Braids The Free Styling Hold Hair Foam Mousse for Braids is a complement for people who chose to wear braids and want them to look perfect, no matter if the hair is long or short, braids always look good. Thanks to the components of the braid mousse you can not only style your hair to have a perfect hairstyle, you can also help your hair regain the shine and strength it needs. 

What are the benefits of jojoba oil for hair? Jojoba oil, as a beneficial product for the hair, is extracted from the seeds of the plant that bears the same name and which is indigenous to the Mexican deserts. Jojoba is the only shrub that produces a kind of liquid wax, which is also extremely rich in nutrients. It contains mainly monounsaturated fats, decosanoic acid and vitamin E, which has an antioxidant function. For these reasons, this essential oil is used to make cosmetic and hair care products, one of which is jojoba shampoo. It is also popularly known as “natural liquid gold” due to its brilliant color that is very similar to the mineral and for its thick texture, but with a pleasant smell. Likewise, the ceramides contained in jojoba seeds provide stability at extreme temperatures and prevent possible oxidation of the product, unlike other types of oils derived from other plants. Benefits of jojoba oil for hair Probably, when you think of natural oils and their application to the hair, a tedious image comes to mind as there is a false belief that if any type of oil is applied to the hair, it will become greasy. However, the benefits of this product prove the opposite. Jojoba oil can play a regulating role in the secretion of oil or sebum on the scalp, also preserving its pH and fighting dandruff.

Its characteristics give the hair a great nutritional value. Its application strengthens the hair from root to tip, and gives it a smooth, shiny and hydrated appearance, thus enhancing its color and optimizing its natural structure. It is also effective against hair loss, as long as the cause is originated or linked to the obstruction of the follicle by excess fat - which will be regulated with the oil. In this regard, the advantages it presents are very similar to the benefits of hyaluronic acid. Dry, split ends are often a permanent concern in hair care. However, jojoba oil nourishes and seals these ends, which supports hair growth comprehensively. As an additional virtue, jojoba oil is not toxic, therefore, its use will not have allergy risks.

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