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How to Moisturize Your Dry and Damaged Hair?

by uucosmetics 27 May 2022

Tips to keep your hair hydrated and damage-free with Cantik Cosmetics

One of the most common issues when it comes to hair is that hair is dry and damaged or appears dull and lifeless. At Cantik we have prepared this list of 5 tips to keep your hair hydrated and free from damage using the hair care lines that we have been offering for 19 years.

Tips on treating dry and damaged hair.

Where you live, skin color and hair color are not significant factors: women all over the world, whether they have thick and frizzy hair or fine and dry hair, have a common cause: how to prevent dry and brittle. 1. Use a hydrating shampoo: It may seem simple, but each type of shampoo works in a different way. Shampoos that contain sulfates or alcohol can remove too much natural hydration and cause hair to become too dry. Look for a shampoo that is specifically hydrating, nourishing, or revitalizing, like Smoothing Detangling Coconut Vegan Shampoo. Shampoos that contain oils are especially effective in hydrating and treating frizzy or dry hair; You should look for a shampoo that does not have sulfates or alcohol and that contains nourishing oils as well as the products of the Arganrro line.

2. No Do not wash your hair with very hot water. Somehow many of us have gotten used to washing our hair daily as part of our hair routine. This could be a problem if you try to do it with hot water. Daily washing takes a toll on our hair and can certainly cause brittleness and dry out your natural lubricating oils. The "ARGANRRO keratin collagen curly hair treatment cream for a lady" is effective in protecting the hair from the damage that a very hot shower could cause.

3. Use Moisturizing Conditioner: We all know that conditioner is essential in the fight to prevent dry hair, but, just like shampoo, ingredients are crucial. Look for one that contains vegetable oils and is creamy rather than runny. The Smoothing Detangling Coconut Vegan Shampoo And Conditioner is made based on natural oils and components that help hydration and contribute to the health of the scalp as it contains many nutrient oils instead of added water. Don't skimp on the time you leave the conditioner on; a mere minute or two can make the difference between a treatment that penetrates deeply and is absorbed by hair and one that goes down the drain before it has been able to do its job.

4. Use a hair care treatment: It can be fun to find your own intensive coconut, almond, macadamia, or jojoba oil treatment, perhaps with a little of your favorite essential oil as a fragrance, like Arganrro Private label Repair Coconut Hair Products Care Set that you can use as your regular treatment. The advantage is that it not only contains vitamin E and is rich in oils, but also contains Biotin, natural combinations of fatty acids to soften the outer layers of each hair so that it retains hydration.

5. Don't apply too much heat: After you've gone through so much trouble to prevent dry hair, don't throw it all away by applying too much heat to your hair with a blow dryer or other styling tools. Make it as short as possible, at a low temperature, and protect your hair beforehand with a conditioning oil, as long as it is light and creamy in texture rather than thick and greasy. Another simple tip to avoid brittleness is to use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair; if you brush your hair, it is easier for it to break. Sulphate Free Heat Protectant Spray for Protecting Hair from Blow Dry Flat Iron helps you prevent damage caused by using heat styling irons.


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