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Organic Silky Smooth After Shave Balm For Beard Hair Moisturizing And Nourishing

by uucosmetics 27 May 2022

If you are a man you should have ever experienced pain or irritation after shaving with a razor or rake, this is due to skin contact with the razor, many times the irritation occurs because we do not perform the shaving correctly, using soap and water is not enough sometimes that combination contributes to irritation of the facial skin because the water temperature is not correct and the soap is not the most friendly to the facial skin, sometimes also influences the pressure to the skin of the face that is done when using a razor. You have to understand that now the care of men's skin is a ritual, that is why we must take a series of steps to avoid damaging our face. Cantik offers this time a perfect complement for shaving, we are talking about: Organic Silky Smooth After Shave Balm For Beard Hair Moisturizing And Nourishing.

Biotin After Shave Balm for Men with Biotin Essential Oil - Hydrating and nourishing aftershave lotion for a silky smooth shave. Made with superior quality ingredients to provide the best shaving experience while nourishing your skin. easy application after shaving. It can also be used anytime as a moisturizer. Cruelty free and not tested on animals. It is perfect for a natural and organic soothing aftershave to prevent irritation caused by the razor. This lightweight, fast-absorbing aftershave for men is packed with natural ingredients. Calms, hydrates and protects your face and neck. It does not clog pores or irritate the skin. Healing Healing Aftershave Balm immediately soothes and soothes damaged skin while effectively treating bumps, redness, razor burn, and other shave-related irritations.

Algunos consejos para evitar la irritación de la piel: Change the blades Don't feel burning from used knives. When you start to feel discomfort, change your blades and you will have less pull on your shave.   Avoid irritation by reducing strokes Men shave with an average of 170 strokes and nearly 120 of them are repeated. Once you've removed the shaving cream, watch out for repetitive strokes as it reduces lubrication and can cause irritation. Fortunately there are razors that provide protection against irritation and irritation can also be avoided by lubricating the blades before and after shaving.   Shave with light strokes The skin on the face is sensitive. Shave in favor of the beard and without much pressure, to avoid burning, irritation and cuts.   Hidratar para proteger Finish your shave with Organic Silky Smooth After Shave Balm For Beard Hair Moisturizing And Nourishing to refresh your skin, restore hydration and leave a feeling of comfort. We recommend it 100%

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