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Can you use shampoo body wash?

by uucosmetics 15 Aug 2022 0 Kommentare

Can you use shampoo body wash?

Have you ever encountered this embarrassing situation: When you are in the shower, you run out of body wash and you want to use shampoo as a body wash.

Because shampoo cleans the hair, it lathers like a body wash, washing away excess buildup and oil, while also smelling so good that some people wonder, “Can I use shampoo as a body wash?”

There are different opinions on this topic, some people think it can be done temporarily, some people are against it, Cantik cosmetic will make guidelines for everyone.

Is shampoo the same as a body wash?

In terms of where they are used, shampoo and body wash are completely different, because shampoo washes the hair and body wash washes the skin other than the face. While it’s true that shampoo body wash has many similarities, such as their cleansing action, there’s a reason shampoo and body wash appear as two different products: Body wash is gentler than shampoo because human skin is more gentle than shampoo. Hair is more sensitive.

If the shampoo is used as a body wash, it’s fine if you use it once because you’ve run out of body wash, but if you stick to it, it can dry out your skin.

Some people think they feel cleaner after using shampoo as a body wash because the shampoo creates more lather on the body, and Cantik can tell you that lather doesn’t mean a more thorough cleanse.

But it is undeniable that shampoo and shower gel has similar ingredients and similar functions.

Shampoos and body washes are primarily water and detergents and contain suds-generating agents such as pH balancers, preservatives, and natural or artificial fragrances. But remember, the shampoos and conditioners we use must be free of sulfates!

Can you use shampoo body wash?

When people talk about shampoo body wash, people have a variety of opinions. Some people insist that shampoo only washes the hair; others believe that shampoo can also wash the body.

Shampoos have an acidic pH to keep hair smooth, while body washes have a lower pH than shampoos. If you wash your body with shampoo, this can leave your skin dry and peeling.

In fact, shampoo functions more like a detergent. We often use conditioners to keep our hair bouncy and shiny. Therefore, shampoo should not be used as a body wash as it may adversely affect your skin.

If you use the shampoo and body wash in the wrong place, don’t worry, if it’s just one time, it won’t have any effect on the body, but we don’t recommend doing this for a long time, because it will definitely dry out the skin, peeling.

As a rule of thumb, it is very important to always buy sulfate-free shampoos and body washes to better protect your skin. In addition to this, you should also use a moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized.

What can I use instead of body wash?

Is shampoo the only product that can replace body wash? Not really! You have many options, including:


For a long time, we used soap to clean our skin, we should use organic soap, so as to ensure that there are no chemical additives.

Bath oil

There are many essential oils, the common ones are lavender, lemon, rosemary, argan, castor oil, jojoba oil, etc.

Essential oils have many benefits, such as it provides nutrients to the skin, in addition to that, essential oils can clear skin problems such as skin bacteria and itching.

Shower Gel

The shower gel is an essential tool for cleansing the skin in our homes now, it not only cleans our skin but also hydrates and scents it. Note: Please choose a sulfate-free body wash.

Body scrub

Body scrubs are products used to exfoliate the body. It removes dead cells from the body. There are tiny particles in these pastes that can be rubbed to exfoliate the cuticle, accelerate blood flow, and promote cell growth.

Can you use body wash as shampoo?

Using a body wash as shampoo is more dangerous than using shampoo as a body wash.

The right balance

Body washes and shampoos each have their own uses. Occasionally using 2 different products in the wrong place won’t hurt you, but don’t do it too often, it will hurt your skin unless you use 2 in 1 shampoo body wash.

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