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2024 Summer Hairstyle Trends: Achieve These Looks with Our Products

por cantikuu 09 Jul 2024 0 comentarios

Summer 2024 is all about embracing fresh, fun, and versatile hairstyles. From effortless waves to sleek updos, there's a look for everyone this season. To help you stay on-trend, we've rounded up the hottest hairstyles and tips on how our products can help you achieve them. Plus, we've included advice from top hairstylists and influencers!

1. Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are a timeless summer look that never goes out of style. This effortless, tousled style is perfect for any occasion, from casual days to summer nights out.

How to Achieve This Look:

  • Use a Texturizing Spray: Apply our texturizing spray to damp hair to add volume and enhance natural waves.
  • Curl with a Wand: For more defined waves, use a curling wand and wrap sections of hair loosely around the barrel.
  • Finish with Sea Salt Spray: Spritz our sea salt spray to give your waves a beachy, windswept finish.


Pro Tip: Hairstylist Jenna Rink recommends using a wide-tooth comb to gently separate curls for a more natural look.

2. Sleek High Ponytail

The sleek high ponytail is a chic and polished style that's perfect for summer. It's ideal for keeping your hair off your face and showing off your features.

How to Achieve This Look:

  • Smooth with Anti-Frizz Serum: Apply our anti-frizz serum to damp hair to eliminate frizz and create a smooth base.
  • Gather and Secure: Brush your hair back and secure it high on your head with an elastic band.
  • Add Shine: Finish with our shine spray for a glossy, sleek finish.


Pro Tip: Influencer Bella Stone suggests using a toothbrush sprayed with hairspray to tame any flyaways around your hairline.

3. Braided Updos

Braids are a versatile and stylish way to keep your hair in place during hot summer days. From simple braids to intricate updos, there's a braided style for every taste.

How to Achieve This Look:

  • Prep with Leave-In Conditioner: Apply our leave-in conditioner to make your hair more manageable and easier to braid.
  • Braid and Pin: Create your favorite braid style and secure it with bobby pins. For an updo, twist the braid into a bun and pin it in place.
  • Set with Hair Spray: Use our flexible hold hair spray to keep your braid in place all day without stiffness.


Pro Tip: Hairstylist Lisa Adams advises using clear elastics for a seamless look, especially with intricate braids.

4. Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a bold and modern choice that's perfect for summer. This short style is easy to maintain and looks effortlessly cool.

How to Achieve This Look:

  • Define with Hair Wax: Use our hair wax to define and style your pixie cut, adding texture and hold.
  • Add Volume: For added volume, apply our volumizing mousse to damp hair before styling.
  • Finish with a Light Spray: Keep your style in place with a light mist of our setting spray.


Pro Tip: Celebrity stylist Max Harper recommends experimenting with different partings and angles to find the most flattering look for your face shape.


Stay on top of the summer 2024 hairstyle trends with these chic and versatile looks. Whether you're rocking beachy waves or a sleek high ponytail, our products are here to help you achieve and maintain your style all season long. Don't forget to follow the advice of top hairstylists and influencers to keep your hair looking fabulous!

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